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#SMWmanila provides a platform for exchanging ideas and insights, sharing knowledge and strategic advice, and promoting innovation in Media, Marketing, and Technology. This conference features opportunities to learn from industry experts and network with like-minded professionals.

Through a series of talks, interviews, and panel discussions, Social Media Week Manila aims to further the conversation on human connectivity and bring the world closer together.

Social Media Week Manila is independently powered by Montgomery Fitch and Associates.

Finding the Missing Link Amidst the Digital Clutter

With everything becoming digital, most of us rely heavily on technology. Our lives revolve around applications, automated transactions, virtual worlds, and whatnot. Some might even say that the generations today are obsessed with technology.

What we sometimes fail to remember is that these advancements and innovations are powered by people, not the other way around.

SMW Manila provides an avenue for people to realize the humanity behind technology, that we are the missing link. Online communities have been formed not by algorithms or operating systems, but by shared human interests, values, and experiences. This event aims to bring people together to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and strengthen communities so that we can effectively reconnect with our humanity digitally.

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More details on the event will be announced in the coming weeks and tickets will go on sale soon after. You can sign up to get updated as soon as we make the announcement here. Sign Up Now!

Social Media Week Manila will bring together thought leaders and key players in media, marketing, and technology to share their expertise with individuals, businesses and enterprises to fully realise the potential of social media.

Students and Professors in Communication, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing Technology Digital Enterprise Professionals and Startup Entrepreneurs Communication, Marketing, and Technology ProfessionalsMedia Practitioners, Publishing Executives Bloggers, Vloggers, Social Media Enthusiasts

You may send us an email at with any questions or concerns. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with us through our available social media channels.

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Montgomery Fitch + Associates is comprised of seriously fun folks who teamed up in the name of creativity and making waves. What started as a small but ambitious advertising agency in New York and Metro Manila is now a fully-fledged holdings company with diverse subsidiaries and satellite offices across the globe.

Our core business and our affiliates all band together to offer a unique suite of services that creatively and strategically solve a range of problems: integrated marketing communications, video production, digital campaigns, event management and production, content marketing, life coaching, political analysis, and more.

Instead of simply harnessing creativity in order to sell, Montgomery Fitch is determined to advocate and redefine what it means to be inventive—to be young-minded, with game-changing ideas and a method to that madness.

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